MILFlicious Phone Sex

May 22nd, 2009

Hello Boys, 

Now I know I should assume the proper position and prepare for my spanking. It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared my Sexploits with you, but life got hectic and I just never could find the time to really share the erotic calls I’ve been having. Now that the semester is over and I won’t be teaching any summer classes, you have ALL of me. Boy do I have a lot to share. Well, first let me tell you about the call I had today, although we didn’t get to finish it. I received an e-mail from a gentleman who found me on our new site on JKE…. MILFlicious Phone Sex !! :D Yes, you read correctly!! This is our hot, new site comprised of all of JKE’s MILFlicious Vixens for all you MILF lovers. Now technically I don’t have any children currently, but that shouldn’t stop us from imagining me being a Sexxxy Mama, the one that can give your throbbing cock all the TLC it needs. As you know I love role playing and I’ve had my share of some steamy Mommy Fantasies, like being a Submissive Step-Mom who is taken advantage of by her teenage Step Son. One regular, TS called cause he couldn’t fall asleep. So we did a fantasy where I tucked him in bed and lulled him to sleep. I hummed a sweet lullaby and his head rested on my bosom as I caressed his hair while massaging his genitals until he came all over my hands. I told him to just close his eyes and imagine me not you stroking that hard shaft while you snuggle your head in between my soft breast. Imagine my soft, delicate hands cupping your balls and gently squeezing them. He absolutely loved our phone time together and called me the next day to say, he slept like a baby after I made him cum. 

Well this new caller today Lil’BoyJ just tickled my fancy. He loved my profile on MILFliciousPhoneSex and said that I reminded him of a very special MILF from his past. He sounded so adorable and he started our session, but he had to end it before we could really get it rolling, because of a business call. I will say just the anticipation of it all had e pretty moist and my imagination running wild…. and some of you know how wild I can get. However, if you don’t know, now’s your chance to find out. Check me out also on BlondeliciousPhoneSex too. If you like what you’ve read and what you see give me a call and mention this blog entry. I will give you 5 FREE mins. with any paid call of 15 mins. or higher. I look forward to having a Sizzling Summer Fling with you and just a lot of HOT fun. ;)  


Sweet Kisses, 



 Cum Lay Your Head Right Here Sweetness ;)



Happy 4th of July!! Cum XXXplode with Me!

July 4th, 2008




 I hope you guys can forgive me for being away for so long! Take advantage of this weekend special and I promise I’ll make it up to you real good and proper!!! ;)

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Sensual Seduction “Warm & Cozy with My McSteamy”

February 14th, 2008

 I love my chats with TN. He’s my McDreamy when he’s being all sweet and down-to-earth, my McSteamy when he takes good care of his hot and bothered southern vixen (Me ;) ), oooo and my McTiger when we really get the fire burning. TN is definitely a pleaser and boy oh boy do I love it when he pleases!! TN is a huge Patriots fan and even though I don’t really follow football that much, I know enough to tease him about the games. So just to be a little minx, I purposely cheered for the Giants, you know just to add a little spice to our sessions. He’d laugh at me and thought it was real cute when I told him I’d be snuggled up to him, all warm and cozy wearing my Giants jersey and nothing else for the Super Bowl game. Well, as we all know the Patriots didn’t win, but my McDreamy wasn’t upset because it was a really good game. Even though for me the best part was the National Anthem being sung and the Half Time show… :) Although my McDreamy’s team didn’t win…. my McSteamy scored a series of touchdowns during our hot phone fun together. He was definitely a Super Bowl Champ that night!!

As soon as he told me he was going to call me in a few. I knew that was my cue to pull out my favorite toys and climb into bed. The phone rang and he greeted me with sweet kisses. I smiled, giggled and drifted off into his world. With plush down pillows under my head and a cozy down comforter wrapped around me, I was now in TN’s queen-sized bed wrapped up in his arms. His fantasy became my reality yet again as I felt his soft kisses land on my face, down my neck, unto my breasts covering every inch. Mmmm there goes my naughty little hand again caressing my soft skin, squeezing my ample bosom and teasing my hard nipples. He always made it a point to take care of me first. His pleasure came from knowing that my pussy was dripping because of him. He indulged in my sweet peach cobbler and I made sure there was always more than enough for him to feast on. My fingers flickered across my hard clit, desperately trying to re-create the movements of his tongue. The more he spoke of all the wonderful things he’d do to me the faster they moved. In and out my cream-filled slit my fingers went as I imagined his sweet face covered with my wetness. My breaths grew faster and I couldn’t take it any more. He knew I was about to cum, he could feel my body quiver and letting me hear him beat on that rock hard cock for me sent me over the edge. He unleashed the hedonistic fiend lying dormant inside of me and now it was time for me to feast on his juicy, tender, stick of meat. 

I flipped him over and straddled him, giggling as I pinned him down. I leaned over and kissed his soft, sweet lips….  mmmm I could taste me honied nectar all over his lips, which made me kiss him even more. I worked my way down to his chest, teasing his nipples with my teeth as I sucked on them. My kisses created a trail down to his treasure chest and I could feel the cum streaming down my thigh just from the longing of it all. There, it finally was in all it’s hardened glory. My big brown eyes looked at him as I lowered my glossy lips slowly onto his fat mushroomed head. He ran his fingers through my hair as I began to suck and lick his throbbing member feeling it grow harder with every stroke. I couldn’t help myself, I needed to drink his milky brew! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, because seeing the pleasure I was giving him made my creamy nectar flow even more. It was time… it was time for me to guide his hard cock deep inside my creamy cunt. His stiff rod glided into my luscious lips and I took him all in. My hips grinded endlessly on him til I felt his balls slapping up against my bare ass. Mmmm he jacked his hard cock even faster from the thought of my pussy wrapped around his dick and the dildo I feverishly pushed deep inside me made us both cum harmoniously in this euphoric state. My shivering body fell limp on top of his… mmmm and held his baby tight, kissing me and rubbing my hair as he whispered “Muuuah, I love you, baby Muah“. Caressing my back, he calmed my beating heart as I laid across his chest. ”Thank you baby“, he whispered softly… I smiled and said “My pleasure, Sweetness… Love you too.” Mmm and that’s what it’s like spending a warm and cozy evening at home with TN.

Sensual Seduction Valentine’s Day Special
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February 11th ~ February 17th

Sweet Kisses, Gia


Sensual Seduction: After “The Call”

February 14th, 2008

[18:37] *** “DG4passion” signed on at Sun Feb 10 18:37:34 2008.
[18:43] SexxxyMamaGia: Sweet sweet kisses for a true southern gentleman:-*
[18:44] SexxxyMamaGia: I enjoyed our sweet time together :)
[18:49] DG4passion: omggg baby girl…so did I!!!  :-*
[18:50] DG4passion: what an amazing and intoxicating southern belle…..
[18:50] SexxxyMamaGia: Oh My you’re making me blush, it was truly breathtaking.
[18:50] DG4passion: I could definitely get addicted to you my love
[18:51] DG4passion: and I was right…you ARE dangerous!!!  ;-)
[18:51] SexxxyMamaGia: I really hope you don’t mind me talking about our sensually erotic time together…
[18:51] DG4passion: not at all angel…..not at all…. I am flattered and honored that you would think of me that way
[18:52] SexxxyMamaGia: Oh Sweetness… you are quite the charmer
[18:53] SexxxyMamaGia: and you sure know the answer to this common question… “What Do Women Want?”
[18:54] DG4passion: *blush*  nothing is a greater turn-on for me than pleasing an satisfying my lady love
[18:55] SexxxyMamaGia: We want to feel appreciated, wanted, and desired…. and we love making our men feel the same way.
[18:55] SexxxyMamaGia:  I love the fact that I attract men like you….
[18:56] DG4passion: as you should be Gia….every woman should be pampered and spoiled whenever possible…because I get so much joy and affection in return
[18:56] SexxxyMamaGia: I have another caller that you remind me of… sweet, gentlemen that loves to please their women
[18:57] DG4passion: I like him already!
[18:57] SexxxyMamaGia: Well you both come from the same breed.
[18:58] SexxxyMamaGia: Wonderful spirit, extremely sensual, highly intelligent and the list goes on….
[18:58] DG4passion: *blush*….thank you Gia…..I’m speechless…..
[18:59] SexxxyMamaGia: You both seem to handle my strong sexual appetite very well. It was such a pleasure meeting you darlin’
[18:59] DG4passion: the pleasure was mine my dear…..omg was it ever!
[19:00] DG4passion: and I adore a woman with a strong sexual appetite
[19:00] SexxxyMamaGia: Mmmm good :)
[19:01] DG4passion: I especially love a woman who is not afraid to let herself go and cum with her man…..multiple times if she is so aroused….
[19:03] SexxxyMamaGia: Well you’ve definitely found one here…and if you are addicted now…. you may need to check into a rehab center after you’ve experienced how I love to please my man and make him cum multiple times.
[19:04] DG4passion: mmmmmm baby……then I will tell you a secret then….
[19:04] SexxxyMamaGia: Yes Darlin’
[19:05] DG4passion: A wonderful lady friend of mine turned me on to learning how to cum multiple times….and for quite some time now I have been doing the exercises….
[19:05] DG4passion: my personal best was 15 times in one night….
[19:06] DG4passion: and it can get better….
[19:06] SexxxyMamaGia: Oh My My My…
[19:06] DG4passion: it is wonderful… the freedom it gives….because now I know I can experience multiple orgasms…and so can my baby
[19:07] DG4passion: You may be begging me to stop ;-)
[19:08] SexxxyMamaGia: :D .. I’ll be begging but I doubt I’ll utter the word “Stop”. I hope I get to share that experience with you one evening
[19:08] DG4passion: mmmmmm baby… do I love….so do I.
[19:09] SexxxyMamaGia: Or Morning… or Afternoon ;)
[19:09] DG4passion: It is wonderful that you can get harder…and stay that way…..each orgasm getting more intense….. and the look on your face will be priceless….omggggg I will love that!
[19:10] SexxxyMamaGia: There you go, making my little muff cream, I need a glass  of wine.
[19:11] DG4passion: mmmmmm….and what a delicious little muff it is too!

Sensual Seduction Valentine’s Day Special

5 FREE mins. added to 20 minute calls.
10 FREE mins. added to calls of 30 minutes or more.
MUST mention special before call begins
February 11th ~ February 17th 
Sweet Kisses, Gia



Sensual Seduction “The Call”

February 13th, 2008

Mmmm so after that “getting to know you” chat with DG he called me and I was in ecstasy for 30 mins. He had a nice soothing voice full of southern charm. I was all warm and cozy in my mocha plush sofa listening to him tell me every single descriptive detail of the surprise romantic getaway he was taking me on. We arrived at the front door of this penthouse suite at a gorgeous resort. We cuddled and caressed each other as he opened the door. I could feel his hand rubbing up and down my back as the door swung open. I giggled in excitement when I saw how beautiful the suite was. In one swoop DG picked me up and carried me across the threshold. My arms were wrapped around his neck as I softly kissed his lips.        

Two large bouquets of roses, a chilled bottle of 1998 Dom Pérignon, a box of Godiva truffles, and gift bags were graciously placed all around the suite. The more he talked, the more I began to melt. His sweet soft kisses landing on my lips and down my neck as he ran his fingers through my hair. His lips gradually worked its way down my soft skin as he unbuttoned my blouse. I felt my hand slowly drifting back and forth across my chest ticlking my hard nipples as I listened to him. He gently laid me down on a bed covered with rose petals. I blissfully moaned as I immersed myself deeply into his fantasy. I found myself caught up in the rapture of it all. He’d whispered how his lips would tenderly graze down from my neck to my hardened nipples …. mmmm then kiss my navel and cascade down to my sweet treasure. I delicately brush my fingers down following his trail when I could feel the warmth emanating between my thighs. I gently skimmed my manicured nails up and down my inner thigh as he narrated this fanciful tale. He spoke of his lips kissing up thigh and I found myself immitating his actions with my hands. As he fantasized about tasting my sweet nectar, I was sucking my dewy fingers one by one. .






Valentine’s Day Special: Sensual Seduction

February 11th, 2008

My, my, my…

Did I have one of the most intoxicating calls ever!! This past weekend has been so pleasurable that I feel like a spoiled, pampered princess! :) It started off just right with a call from one of my special callers TN. Every time TN and I have our personal time together it’s breathtaking! He always makes me feel so special and sexy. I’ve known him for quite some time now and I just adore him so. Always a perfect gentleman, which unfortunately is so rare these days. The time we spend chatting about just everyday stuff, like sports, politics,etc. is wonderful too. Such a caring man, with a great big heart and a lot to offer a woman. He’s such a MAN, a Good Man, that’s respectful, intelligent, loving, sexy, funny and really knows how to please a woman and make her feel taken care of. He’s definitely a catch and one day a lucky girl is going to snatch him up … and knowing TN he’d probably feel the need to respectfully end our sweet time together. (which is understandable, so I’m enjoying our friendship while it still lasts) 

Well, the heavens must be smiling down on me because they’ve sent me another TN :D  …. except he’s DG. My time with DG this evening gave me a brilliant idea for Valentine’s Day! Well, first our call was so hot that I’m writing it as a short story for your visual pleasure this week in addition to the story about my erotic session with TN this past Friday. Be sure to check back every day this week to be pleasantly aroused…. so aroused that you’ll be dialing my number for your own Sensual Seduction Session. Secondly, I’m going to run my own personal Valentine’s Day Special all week in honor of the True Gentlemen that still exist like TN, TE, MB (miss ya babe) & newbies from this weekend DG & AA.

To think DG found me right here, browsing on Phone Sex Central. He said he liked what he saw when he checked out JKE-PhoneSex Telemates, then really was intrigued after he read my blog. Now how sweet is that!! Sweeter than a ripe Georgia Peach … I’d say! :D Here’s what transpired afterwards:

[17:40] DG4passion: verrry verrry nice Gia!
[17:41] SexxxyMamaGia: thank you, how are you?
[17:41] DG4passion: I’m wonderful love….how are you this fine day?
[17:41] SexxxyMamaGia: I’m doing great :)
[17:42] DG4passion: Somehow I have this feeling that you are one extremely intelligent and passionate lady Gia
[17:42] SexxxyMamaGia: You have very accurate feelings ;)
[17:43] SexxxyMamaGia: Now what makes you think that of me?
[17:43] DG4passion: thank you love….
[17:43] DG4passion: reading your blog….the way you handle your prose….that look in your eyes….
[17:44] SexxxyMamaGia: oh thank you sweetness… I’m actually working on my next blog entry.
[17:44] DG4passion: It would be very easy to tell you that you are beautiful….gorgeous….stunning….but then, that would be stating the obvious
[17:44] SexxxyMamaGia: where did you find me darlin’?
[17:44] DG4passion: very nice sweetie…. on
[17:44] SexxxyMamaGia: ok
[17:45] SexxxyMamaGia: … let me know if you like this sweetness
[17:47] DG4passion: wow…I love it honey.  And being a Libra myself…that could be very dangerous ;-)
[17:48] SexxxyMamaGia: Mmmmm really… I love danger!
[17:48] DG4passion: romance…a southern belle with a southern gentleman….a gentleman who absolutely adores pleasing his lady….
[17:49] SexxxyMamaGia: mmmm I like… I like :)
[17:49] DG4passion: so do I sweetheart….so do I….
[17:50] DG4passion: intelligent, sensuous, mysterious, provocative, intoxicating, ohhh myyy
[17:50] SexxxyMamaGia: :)  wait til we play ;)
[17:51] DG4passion: I can’t wait
[17:52] SexxxyMamaGia: Mmmm you don’t have to…… lol
[17:52] SexxxyMamaGia: I’m here whenever you need me darlin’
[17:52] DG4passion: mmmmm…I like the sound of that!
[17:53] SexxxyMamaGia: :)
[17:55] DG4passion: You really ARE interesting!  This is going to be fun! :-)
[17:55] DG4passion: and I am D***** btw… It’s wonderful to make your acquaintance my dear
[17:56] SexxxyMamaGia: Pleasure to meet you D*****  Have you used JKE before?
[17:56] DG4passion: The honor is mine my dear, sweet Gia
[17:57] DG4passion: No I haven’t Gia.  I was just searching for a heavenly experience, and fortunately found you.
[17:58] DG4passion: I hope I wasn’t too bold in contacting you.
[17:58] SexxxyMamaGia: Oh My…well it was definitely fate. You did the right thing.
[17:58] DG4passion: Once I find something I want, I tend to go for it.
[17:58] SexxxyMamaGia: mmmmm cum after me cowboy
[17:59] DG4passion: mmmmm…cumming to get you my darling….

To Be Continued

Sensual Seduction Valentine’s Day Special
5 FREE mins. added to 20 minute calls.
10 FREE mins. added to calls of 30 minutes or more.
MUST mention special before call begins
February 11th ~ February 17th

Sweet Kisses, Gia


January 7th, 2008

Hi Sweetness,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope the first several days of 2008 have been good to you. If they haven’t, I’m sure I can remedy that when you give me a call. ;) I was browsing through a few of my friends’ blogs when I came across this website full of jokes called Tickling The Bone. They were all pretty amusing but this one really had me going so I thought that I would share it with you. 

 Passenger on a Plane

A man and a woman were sitting beside each other in the first class section of an airplane.
The woman sneezed, took out a tissue, gently wiped her nose, then visibly shuddered for ten to fifteen seconds.
The man went back to his reading.
A few minutes later, the woman sneezed again, took a tissue, wiped her nose, then shuddered violently once more.
Assuming that the woman might have a cold, the man was still curious about the shuddering.
A few more minutes passed when the woman sneezed yet again. As before she took a tissue, wiped her nose, her body shaking even more than before.
Unable to restrain his curiosity, the man turned to the woman and said, “I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve sneezed three times, wiped your nose and then shuddered violently. Are you OK?”
“I am sorry if I disturbed you, I have a very rare medical condition; When ever I sneeze I have an orgasm.”
The man, more than a bit embarrassed, was still curious. I have never heard of that condition before” he said. “Are you taking anything for it?”
The woman nodded, “Pepper.”

I hope yall enjoyed that. Oh boy, What I’d give to have a medical condition like that! :D Since I’m not so lucky,… how about you call me and give me a reason to shudder violently. I promise to return the favor 3 times with added benefits! ;) Click on my pic below to contact me if I make you shudder. Can’t wait to play!

Sweet Soft Kisses, Gia



Welcome to My World of Southern Comfort

December 27th, 2007

Hello Boys~

 I’m Gia your sexy telemate from HOTlanta, Georgia. Now that I have some time to relax, I thought it would be best to write my first journal entry. I hosted Chrsitmas Dinner so I was completely focused on that. To put it in a cute little nutshell, I’m a southern beauty that loves to play in many ways.

 I’m an adjunct college professor and a phone sex playmate. I love and adore the sensual touch of a man. A man with a vivid imagination, a sense of humor, a hungry appetite for sexxx, & a hard cock that’s able and willing to cummm over & over again always makes me creamy. A man who can treat me like the lady I am, inside as well as outside the bedroom is a plus as well. Several of my phone sex interest are Anal Play, Oral Stimulation, Cuckold Fantasies, Horny Housewife & Naught Nurse Fantasies, Mommy Fantasies, Mutual Masturbation, Sensual Domination, Submission, Teacher & Student Role Play, and a few too taboo for me to mention here.

So, call me and XXXperience southern hospitality Gia’s way! Now would be the best time to to see just how hospitable I can be. We’re running a Hot Sexy Holiday Special!! It would be sinful if you didn’t take advantage of it. Click on the banner below to get in contact with me and read my bio. I’m looking forward to pleasing you in every way possible.

Take care Sweetness,



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